Director, Federal Law Enforcement Agency

Because of the coaching and candid feedback from Jon, I have a greater sense of awareness of how others view my leadership. As I look into the future, I will be reminded of these conversations.

Vice President, Congressionally-Mandated Nonprofit

I want to thank you (Jon) for the opportunity to work with you. It has been extremely valuable. My thought process has been challenged. I found it to be rewarding, and as I reflect on my goals and objectives for the second half of my career, it will propel me to another level.

CEO, National Nonprofit

I felt I was the most important person to Jon and that his sole desire was for me to grow in my ability to lead. The interaction was terrific every time.

Support Manager, Global Shipping Company

Eagle HR leads by example and continues to amaze me with what they accomplish. They don’t hesitate to take on any new challenge and continuously come up with creative and cost-saving opportunities.

Director, International Logistics Firm

Eagle HR is always working toward continuous improvement, both internally and externally. They take a proactive, quality approach to managing her customers and communicating with clients to ensure satisfaction and continuous growth.

Anonymous client

We greatly respect Michele and the fact that she was straightforward and didn’t dance around our issues.  Her goal was to help us get to a point where we didn’t need her anymore.  She was all about helping us find solutions.

Anonymous Client

Michele knows how to read between the lines and ask the questions that matter.