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Xenical köp online magazine (KP) and its related websites have been publishing fake news about the Swedish migration crisis for some time now. KP started promoting the report "Syrian refugees in Western Europe are a danger" back in January last year, but its "research experts" are not a bunch of unknown academics. They are members of a Turkish-based organization that has spent many years trying to stir up hatred against Muslims and asylum seekers. The main members of Turkish-based organisation are the deputy head and secretary-general of Turkey's Ministry Religious Affairs. The organisation called "The People's Union of Unitarian Universalist Churches [UK] (PUA) – Ecumenical" (EPUK) is a member of the Platform for Religious Freedom (PRIDE) and Turkey's official body that "promotes human rights among the Turkish people". The group's founder and director, Mehmet Akif Eser, has been fighting for the expansion of an Islamic fundamentalist caliphate for decades in his home country. The European Union has repeatedly targeted Eser; however, Turkey has received far more sanctions from the EU over its supposed involvement in the Islamic State. Eser has written and co-authored several articles in Turkey's most read Turkish newspapers that have repeatedly been accused of being Islamophobic. On August 30, his organization released another report titled "Syria refugees threaten democracy in Europe" which made the following claims: A large majority (80-90%) of migration arrivals in Europe are Islamist extremists conflictzones, including Syria, Iraq and Morocco – a great number of these refugees are jihadists. According to a survey conducted online, only 27% of European citizens think that there is a "moderate" rebel group in Syria that shares the interests of moderate Sunni Muslims. Around 80% of the migrants entering Europe are Muslims from Muslim countries. Migration is a good way to "promote Muslim identity in Europe". It helps Muslims express their ethnic, religious and cultural identity by taking part in European citizenship. The report cited examples of terrorists who had recently been exposed to Christianity and Islam, then had no difficulties in immigrating to Europe. "The Syrian opposition does not share the Muslim Brotherhood's ideology", organisation claimed, while "many rebel groups are known to have committed atrocities against minorities (i.e. Christians and Alawites), many of them due to their extremist positions". Meanwhile, the report made a distinction between "political Islamists" and "violent Islamists". It said "political Islamists do not necessarily support the violent Islamist movements, but both share an ideology that is extremist." Another "fact" featured in this report was that "many of the Islamic State's terrorists fled to Europe" (despite the fact that no reliable statistics exist about numbers of Islamic State fighters fleeing the Middle East). One journalist did actually ask of Erdogan's ministers about the source of report. "The is EPUK", the minister replied, "But I don't really feel comfortable sharing the information with Western journalists, because it depends a lot on the reliability of source." Eser himself told the press that he "didn't know" who the "report authors" were and said that he hadn't heard of the reports published in Turkish publication "Daily Sabah" which have long been a source of misinformation in Europe. Another journalist in Sweden also contacted Eser when learning about the Turkish organization's report on Syria. "They are not reliable. They based on statistics. are completely subjective," Eser responded. This shows that the report and organization made it are a part of the ongoing propaganda war that Erdogan is waging against European countries. This is exactly what Eser and his organization are trying to achieve. Ecevit Bayko also interviewed the Turkish-based organization's founder and director. For the final blow, a report for pharmacy online promo code australia "Daily Sabah" was published in July last year where a writer claimed that Turkish men had been able to penetrate Can i buy xenical over the counter in uk Swedish prisons by smuggling themselves into Sweden in secret. According to the report, Swedish authorities had failed to prevent the infiltration of Islamic terrorism among the inmates of Sweden's prisons and jails. Turkish journalist Ecevit Bayko "I have heard on numerous occasions that the problem is more serious than suspected", the writer claimed. "There are reports of Turkish citizens posing as asylum seekers entering the country by using fake papers. Many were arrested, some have been released, but many were incarcerated under suspicion of having ties with terrorists. "It's true that some have been released after having in prison for longer or been deported". The Turkish-based organization has also been promoting anti-Iranians propaganda. "Iranian government cannot be trusted" Since Erdogan and the Turkish government came to power in 2003, a.

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