We offer a comprehensive suite of HR and strategic human capital services related to:

  • Compliance:  Bring your organization into alignment with legal and reporting requirements related to local, state, and federal mandates.
  • Talent Acquisition:  Attract, screen, interview, and select employees who will support your culture and your mission and take your company to the next level.
  • Performance Management Track and record employee performance, coach and mentor individual employees, and use these activities to inform other HR processes such as promotion, compensation, and career development.
  • Total Rewards:  Optimize your compensation, benefits, and other innovative programs to recognize great effort and hold onto your best performers.
  • Training & Development:  Make sure your workforce is ready to meet future challenges by ensuring that employees have the skills and competencies needed to meet these demands.
  • Talent Engagement:  Engaged employees go above and beyond to get the job done and serve as ambassadors for your organization.  Identify, nurture, and retain these valuable employees.
  • Strategy Move your team in a clear, united, and purposeful direction by ensuring that the above activities are in agreement with your mission, vision, and core values.

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To find out more about any of these offerings and how they can benefit your organization, just contact us.  We’d love to hear from you!

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